Invisible Ink Glasses Poker & Invisible Ink Pen And Glasses – Gpt Marked Cards

Invisible Ink Contact lenses are the best solution to reading cheat cards’ invisible ink marks invisible ink glasses poker. Even after you get home from work invisible ink glasses, these contact lenses won’t cause any eye damage or discoloration. You can simply put on these invisible ink contacts lenses like regular contacts. While other players may see your normal eye color, you will be able to see invisible ink blotches at the backs marked cards. This makes opponents suspicious. You can win poker games and casinos very safely if you use the correct invisible ink contact lenses. Our anti-theft card invisible contact lenses are made of silicone hydrogel and other hydrated polymers. They will not cause any eye damage, and can also be used to protect your eyes. It includes both soft and hard lenses for standard contact lenses. Because of the comfort that GS contact lenses offer when reading marked cheat cards, they were eventually made as soft lenses. Our contact ink card lenses adhere to the process rules for contact lenses. This means that the most common diameter range of contact lenses is 13.5mm-14.5mm. Practical applications may be affected if the diameter exceeds this limit. The central thickness is another factor that can affect the comfort and useability of contact lenses. Contact lenses with invisible ink have a greater impact on the clarity of reading cheat cards because their center thickness is more important. The invisible ink card lens will work well with cheat decks if it has a 0.06mm center thickness.